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Top Rated Plugins

  • super_transaction

    SuperTransaction allows you to save and destroy objects just as you normally would, but under the
    safety of a database transaction. It extends upon the built in Rails transaction method to cut
    duplication of what I find myself repeating all over when using transactions.

  • Validates as EU VAT Number

    Ensures an attribute conforms to the correct format for an EU VAT number

  • pic_lens_lite_helper

    A rails plugin for PicLens Lite

  • openlaszlo-plugin

    The OpenLaszlo Rails plugin makes it easy to use OpenLaszlo client-side applications with Rails.

  • Awesome Search

    Helping de-nastify the 100+ line search methods of the world

  • Rails-footnotes

    Every Rails page has footnotes that gives information about your application and links back to your editor

  • Rails/Informix

    Informix adapter for Ruby on Rails

  • fragment_cache_extensions

    The extended_fragment_cache plugin provides content interpolation and an in-process memory cache for fragment caching. It also integrates the features of Yan Pritzker’s memcache_fragments plugin since they both operate on the same methods.

  • EdgesoftNoCookie

    Provides seamless session-persistence support for browsers that are NOT cookies-friendly (either no support or user-disabled).

  • Rails-css-views

    A Gem to allow CSS views in Rails

  • layout-helper

    A plugin with a few helper functions that will help build your layouts and reduce redundancy.

  • acts_as_enumeration

    Adds support for declaring an ActiveRecord class as an enumeration.

  • set_or_append

    Adds a helper method to the Hash class for either setting the value for a key or appending to the current value.

  • Retroactive Migrations

    Creates and manages a "history" table that records which migrations have and have not been run and modifies rake db:migrate to behave accordingly.

  • StepSpecr

    StepSpecr is a Rails plugin intended to be used with Rspec User Stories.
    It provides a 'testing' framework for speccing Given/When/Then steps within Rspec examples. This lets you implement GWT-steps the BDD way.

  • extension_module_names

    Fixes block association extensions in modules.

  • acts_as_continuable

    An experimental plugin that lets you write controller actions with continuations.

  • Laziness

    Laziness autogenerates tests for you when your app throws an unhandled exception.

  • msfte

    Use MSSQL's built-in full-text indexing (MSFTESQL)

  • validates_against_stopforumspam

    Rails3 gem for ActiveRecord comment model validation against