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Top Rated Plugins

  • localization_scopes

    This plugin adds the helper methods t_scope, t_context_scope and tc for scope management of the Rails core I18n.

  • has_slug

    Provides an embarrassingly easy way to equip your models with multi-attribute slugs / permalinks. Also detects permalink mismatches and redirects the visitor accordingly. Search engines will love you for doing this!

  • Acts As Authorizable

    Instance specific hierarchical authorization support. Piggybacks on existing model associations

  • clear_helper

    A Rails plugin to simplify generation of "clear" divs.

  • Social Welfare

    Update children objects from their parent's view.

  • i18n-with-scope

    Very simple Rails plugin that introduces I18n.with_scope()

  • Super Simple CMS

    Very basic CMS meant to be a quick and easy way to have editable pages in your project. Easily hackable!

  • pic_lens_lite_helper

    A rails plugin for PicLens Lite

  • Encrypted cookie store

    EncryptedCookieStore for Ruby on Rails 2.3

  • plugins_plus

    Adds various abilities to plugins, including asset management,
    migrations, and application code integration.

  • AtomPub Server

    This plugin allows your app to create an AtomPub service document from its controllers.

  • RailSpread

    Rails plugin to integrate with the Spread Toolkit ( lightweight YAML messaging protocol supported to detach resource intensive tasks / callbacks / observer actions from your Mongrel processes.

  • StepSpecr

    StepSpecr is a Rails plugin intended to be used with Rspec User Stories.
    It provides a 'testing' framework for speccing Given/When/Then steps within Rspec examples. This lets you implement GWT-steps the BDD way.

  • rest_master

    A plugin server and client scaffold script generator for RESTful web service.

  • pgsql_stats

    Provides access to PostgreSQL database statistics and helpers to make them pretty in your views.

  • smart_field_constraints

    Intelligently applies a maxlength attribute for text fields based on column constraints and validations.

  • dry_validity_assertions

    Provides helper methods for testing the validity of ActiveRecord objects.

  • multi_statement_query

    This plugin allows you to perform multiple statements, each optionally returning a resultset,
    with a single query to the database. Only MySQL is planned for now. When the DB server is
    remote, performance gains should be quite noticeable.

  • Taskit

    A simple task scheduler for rails

  • Convert attachment to

    A plugin that will take the value of an uploaded file, convert it to either text or HTML, and insert it into specified attribute. Only works with PDF, MS Word, HTML, and plain text documents currently.