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Simple Localization

The goal of the Simple Localization plugin is to make localization of Rails application as simple as possible. To do this it uses easy to read and write YAML language files.


  • Easy installation and integration.
  • Can be easily customized by turning specific features on and off.
  • Easy to read and write language files using YAML and if needed Ruby.
  • Can handle multiple languages at runtime.
  • A more CSS friendly ActionView field_error_proc.
  • Localizes:
    • ActiveRecord model and attribute names
    • ActiveRecord error messages
    • ActiveRecord helpers
    • Number helpers
    • Date and Time classes and date helpers
    • Array extensions (Array#to_sentence)
    • Country names (just need to be inserted into the language file)
    • Templates (eg.
  • Languages:
    • French (by Sylvain Obegi)
    • Dutch (by Mark Kocera)
    • German (by Stephan Soller)
    • English (template for new languages by Stephan Soller)
    • Your own language (it�s easy)


License Rails' (MIT)
Rating (17 votes)
Owner Stephan Soller
Created 24 March 2007


  • Michi
    6 July 2007

    Very nice plugin which offers a simple way to localize rails application.

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