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  • Searchable

    Module for search-enabling models using Ferret (future: multiple backends)

  • xapian_db

    A fulltext indexing solution for plain Ruby and Ruby On Rails based on the Xapian library

  • Sunspot::Rails

    Powerful, expressive Solr search and indexing in your Rails application.

  • acts_as_fulltext_indexed

    A MySQL-specific plugin that allows you to perform fulltext searching on models backed by InnoDB tables, so you get transactions, foreign keys, and row-level locking while retaining the power of fulltext search.

  • Cache Money

    A Write-Through Cacheing Library for ActiveRecord

  • Query Analyzer

    Provides query analysis using the MySQL query execution plan. Each SQL select query will be 'EXPLAIN'ed and added to the log files right below the original query.

  • Acl9

    Yet another role-based authorization system for Rails

  • Mysql Index Length

    Rails plugin that allows to define index lengths in your migrations, through :limit parameter

  • Easy Navigation

    Full stack Rails gem/plugin for drop down/tabbed navigation.

  • Ambitious query indexer

    Pain-free indexing to speed up your Rails app

  • Rails indexes

    A rake task to track down missing database indexes. does not assume that all foreign keys end with the convention of _id.

  • Redhillonrails core

  • Cacheable Flash

    This plugin enables greater levels of page caching by rendering flash messages from a cookie using JavaScript, instead of in your Rails view template. Flash contents are converted to JSON and placed in
    a cookie by an after_filter in a controller.

  • response_for

    lets you decorate your existing actions with new respond_to blocks

  • Alter table

    A rails plugin to execute multiple ADD, ALTER, DROP, and CHANGE clauses in a single ALTER TABLE statement.

  • Ancestry

    Organise ActiveRecord model into a tree structure

  • Acts as permission

    Simple permission solution for Rails.

  • Versioned templates

    Rails plugin that enables declarative control over template rendering

  • Simple navigation

    Navigation menu builder for Ruby on Rails (The re-incarnation of EasyNavigation)

  • AAFAutoRebuild

    AAFAutoRebuild is rails plugin, that automatically rebuilds your Ferret index if field definitions have changed. Its main purpose is to reduce deploy time by only rebuilding parts of your index. The plugin only works in conjunction with acts_as_ferret.