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  • acts_as_messageable

    acts_as_messageable is a plugin for enabling private messaging between users. Conversations, multiple recipients, trash, sentbox...

  • Easy_Messages

    This Rails plug-in adds in-site private messaging between users. It assumes you are using Acts_As_Authenticated and adds actions and views for a barebones inbox, outbox, and trash bin. Based on Matt Beedle's Acts_As_Emailable.

  • Acts As Notifiable

    Acts As Notifiable enables your Rails app to send notification to Jabber client.

  • Full on Errors

    Simple ActiveRecord::Errors extension to generate full messages for a specific ActiveRecord attribute

  • Acts as publishable

    Publishing frame work for rails applications

  • convertible to csv

    Convertible to csv allows you to specify that an ActiveRecord model should respond to a to_csv message.

    class Customer < ActiveRecord::Base
    acts_as_convertible_to_csv :header => true,
    :fields => %w(id firstname lastname email_address)

  • TestableLogger

    Testable Logger lets you assert that messages were (or were not) written to the application's log file during a test case.

  • has_messages

    Demonstrates a reference implementation for sending messages between users.

  • Acts as zoom

    A plugin to allow searching and populating of ZOOM Z39.50 servers.

  • Acts as taggable redux

    Provides drop in tagging for multiple classes, efficient database storage, functions for user owned tagging and tag clouds.

  • Health monitor

    Monitor individual aspects of your rails application's health

  • acts_as_emailable

    A small plugin which sets up an Email model and the associations with the User model, so users can store emails against each other.

  • resources_controller

    NEWS: updated and betterer (Sept 07)

    make ActiveResource compliant controllers for your RESTful models in one line (including nested resources)

  • Fleximage

    Fleximage is a Rails plugin that tries to make image uploading and rendering super easy.

  • Inherited Resources

    Inherited Resources speeds up development by making your controllers inherit all restful actions so you just have to focus on what is important.

  • acts_as_twittertasticable!!

    Make your models tell the world what they're doing with Twitter!

  • enum_column

    Allow you to define enumerations to a model attribute

  • Authlogic

    A clean, simple, and unobtrusive ruby authentication solution.

  • Conflict warnings

    Ruby on Rails plugin that provides a simple method for avoiding race conditions that could result in database inconsistencies. Without succumbing to the problems of active locking.

  • Validatious on rails

    Rails plugin that maps model validations to class names on form elements to integrate with Validatious