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Recent Plugins

  • RUtils

    Allow most of your application (including dates and HTML beautification) to use Russian language.

  • Authenticates Via Typekey

    Drop in module that lets your rails application authenticate via Typekey from Six Apart.

  • Javascript Generator Templates (aka RJS Templates)

    A backport of RJS Templates in plugin form. Allows you to use RJS Templates in project not running Rails 1.1. Requires the stable subversion branch of Rails or gems version >= 0.14.3

  • Timed File Store

    Simple expiry of the fragment cache by file timestamps

  • Real Components

    Real Components extend rails component providing them the possibility to act as “subroutines”, returning to whoever is calling them. This provides an added modularity level on top of rails components.

  • Bundled Resource

    Groups assets into bundles and reduces setup code. Includes Dynarch calendar, qForms.

  • Simple Date Select

    Use a text box instead of multiple select boxes for date and datetime fields in scaffolded forms.

  • Useless Ajax Mux-Demux

    Allows you to multiplex a bunch of ajax requests into a single one to the server. These requests will be disptached on the server and the results collected as a single JSON string. This makes it very easy to update multiple sections of a page using a single ajax call.

  • Latex Render Helper

    Adds a helper method to render a latex fragment into an image.

  • Legacy Interop

    A Ruby On Rails plugin that transparently provides support for legacy web platforms to your Rails Application. Includes support for ASP, PHP and many more.

  • ActionMailServer

    Adds a simple SMTP server for receiving email with ActionMailer.

  • MigrationDataDumper

    Allows you to dump and restore table data directly from a migrations’ up and down methods. Data is stored in yaml fixture files under db/data/[environment]/, and can be version controlled like normal files.

  • Custom Error Message

    Active Record validation enhancement. Gives you the option to not have your custom validation error message prefixed with the attribute name.

  • Validates Numericality Of

    Extends the validates_numericality_of validation by adding :gt, :gte:, :lt, :lte, :eq, :even, :odd conditions

  • HTTP Caching

    Allows your Rails application to take advantage of the caching mechanisms built into HTTP 1.1 (i.e., 304 Not Modified return code).

  • XHTML Content Type

    xhtml_content_type allows you to set the default MIME type for rendered .rhtml views to application/xhtml+xml if the client supports it, and only falling back to text/html for older clients.

  • Undo helper

    Add an undo button to your Rail app.

  • Remote Helpers

    Provides gui feedback for any remote function calls.

  • Conditional Caching

    Allows more flexible caching via :if and :tag options.

    DEPRECATED in favour of built in :if and :cache_path options.

  • Sub-List Form

    A plugin that makes it easy to have dynamic lists of related models on a single editing page by presenting the user with a single page to edit/create the parent model as well a list of it’s children. (Uses AJAX)