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Recent Plugins

  • Upload mock

    A plugin that gives you a quick way to fake a file upload in your tests

  • Filter Logged Params

    Allows you to filter the logging of params (which are still logged by default in production mode). Mostly used for keeping sensitive information (e.g. passwords) or very large parameters (e.g. large bodies of text) out of the logs.

  • HTPasswd

    This plugin allows controllers to use HTTP Basic and Digest access authentication.

  • Responds to Parent

    Adds responds_to_parent to your controller to respond to the parent document of your page.
    Make Ajaxy file uploads by posting the form to a hidden iframe, and respond with
    RJS to the parent window.

  • HABTM Create

    This plugin fixes the has_and_belongs_to_many#create behavior so it correctly populates the join table for the created records.

  • ARTS Plugin - Another RJS Testing System

    Adds the 'assert_rjs' method, allowing you to test all of your rjs interactions with the same syntax as rjs calls themselves (page.visual_effect)

  • Acts As Blog

    Here is a new plugin that allows you to easily switch between BlueCloth,RedCloth, and SmartyPants for you markup. It will also allow you to filter out html tags that weren't created with the markup syntax. Very usefull for blogs!

  • Rails rcov

    Find your tests' blind spots easily with Mauricio Fernandez's rcov code coverage tool and this set of dynamic Rake tasks.

  • ACL System

    This plugin is designed to give you a flexible declarative way of protecting your various controller actions using roles. It's made to sit on top of any authentication framework that follows a few conventions.

  • Cascading Javascripts

    Allows you to define application-wide and page-specific javascript files without needing to manually include each one.

  • Cascading Stylesheets

    Allows you to define application-wide, environment-specific (such as different backgrounds for UAT and production) and page-specific styles without needing to manually link each one.

  • Foreign Key Migrations

    Foreign Key Migrations is a plugin that automatically generates foreign-key
    constraints when creating tables. It uses SQL-92 syntax and as such should be
    compatible with most databases that support foreign-key constraints.

  • BackgrounDRb

    A drb server for running background tasks from your rails app with hooks for progress bars and also in memory caching system.

  • Foreign Key Schema Dumper

    Adds support for Foreign Key Constraints in schema dumper.

  • Better Output Compression

    Provide a filter to perform gzip and deflate compression of action output. Handles proxy caching and component rendering correctly.

  • Flash Fixes

    Flash Player 8’s HTTP Request is broken. Drop this plugin in your vendor/plugins folder and magically Flash Player 8 uploading will work with Rails.

  • JSON Webservice

    The json_webservice makes it possible for the ActionWebService to respond with JSON instead of SOAP.

  • Textmate Footnotes

    Adds clickable links in development mode that take you directly to your Textmate editor.

  • Rails Application Visualizer

    Generates graphs for both model and controller relations. Requires graphviz.

  • ActiveRBAC

    ActiveRBAC is a library for Ruby On Rails that provides a full stack for managing users and permissions.