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Plugins by Coda Hale

  • Responsible markup

    Tests for valid markup, unobtrusive Javascript, doctypes, content types, and much more!

  • Dynamic session exp

    Serves up session cookies with expiration dates set relative to the current time.

  • USPS countries

    Replaces Rails’ default countries list with the list of countries to which the United States Postal Service can send mail.

  • Rails environments

    A simple plugin providing a clean interface for determining which environment Rails is currently running. (e.g., Rails.development?)

  • Simple HTTP Auth

    A quick, clean way of adding HTTP authorization to your Rails application. No need for complicated backends, gigantic user models, or other unneeded complexity. Just you, a password prompt, and whether or not someone should be allowed in.

  • Dollars and Cents

    Stores prices as integers in your database, but access them as floats.

  • XHTML Content Type

    xhtml_content_type allows you to set the default MIME type for rendered .rhtml views to application/xhtml+xml if the client supports it, and only falling back to text/html for older clients.

  • HTTP Caching

    Allows your Rails application to take advantage of the caching mechanisms built into HTTP 1.1 (i.e., 304 Not Modified return code).

  • Rails rcov

    Find your tests' blind spots easily with Mauricio Fernandez's rcov code coverage tool and this set of dynamic Rake tasks.