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Infinite Page is used exactly like wil_paginate plugin but make sure of the following:

  • Obviously infinite_page helper method should be used instead of will_paginate
  • Infinite page parts (each part is one page in classic pagination) should be placed in a partial
  • infinite_page call should be included in this partial
  • in your controller,
    • XHR request: render only this partial
    • other requests: render whole page


infinite_page take two parameters :

  • +collection = nil+:: a WillPaginate:Collection return by paginate function
  • +options = {}+:: see Options paragraph


Most will_paginate and remote_function options are available along with infinite_page’s 2 additional options. will_paginate options are used for classic pagination rendered inside <noscript> tag. remote_function options are used for next page XHR loading. The most important option is +:update+. It indicates the DOM element ID that contains the partial. :url and :render options are automatically set by infinite_page. Please refer to will_paginate and remote_function references.

infinite_page’s 2 additional options :

+:first+:Javascript expression is called once the first page is loaded
+:last+:Javascript expression is called after the last page is loaded


Use a paginate finder in the controller and render only the partial when request is XHR:

  def index
    @posts = Post.paginate :page => params[:page], :order => 'created_at DESC'
    render :partial => "posts", :object => @posts if request.xhr?

In your layout insert the infinite page javascript tag and the div, or other HTML element that contains the page:

    <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults, "infinite_page" %>

If you won’t load infinate_page.js in all pages, you can use content_for method.

In your view:

  <div id="infinite_page_spinner">&nbsp;</div>
  <div id="content"><%= render :partial => "posts", :object => @posts %></div>

In your _posts.html.erb partial, display posts list and call infinite_page method :

  <%= render :partial => "post", :collection => @posts  %>
  <%= infinite_page @posts,
                        :update => "content",
                        :position => :bottom,
                        :complete => "$('infinite_page_spinner').hide();",
                        :before => "$('infinite_page_spinner').show();",
                        :first => "alert('first page loaded');",
                        :last => "alert('last page loaded');" %>

Et voila! enjoy!

See Also


  • Make it compatible with Jquery.
  • Make it work with a div scroll.

Copyright © 2009 Ouziel Slama, released under the MIT license


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