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Another internationalization and localization plugin.

  • Translates both db content and view text.
  • Supports automatic selection of an alternate, localized template for each view.
  • Built-in localization and translation of strftime, numbers, and currency formats.
  • Supports pluralization.
  • All based on three automatically migrated database tables.


License Rails' (MIT)
Rating (38 votes)
Created 14 April 2006


  • Global
    9 December 2007

    I got this..

    >> Locale.set_base_language('en-US')
    NoMethodError: undefined method `set_base_language' for Locale:Class
    from (irb):2

    help appreciated

  • Avatar
    6 January 2008

    I am getting the same error. Any resolution on this?

  • Danny
    29 March 2008

    Maybe you are using gettext somewhere ?

  • Avatar
    kazuyoshi tlacaelel
    21 February 2009

    Hi, I've had a few plugins that crash right out of the box. is there so I try to install only from tags or branches as a last resource. just wondering what's the latest stable-release? and with what version of rails does it work?

    I think this features should be specified in a mandatory fashion.

    great plugin though!

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