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Generally Useful

Named as an homage to SimplyHelpful, GenerallyUseful is a collection of rake tasks that I find, well, generally useful in nearly every app I maintain. Each task file contains a related group of tasks and usually starts with an attribution to the source of the idea, code, etc.

Nothing fancy, just GenerallyUseful.


  • The Rails environment and original DB Utils tasks are adapted from a post by/on Err The Blog. Any flaws in their current state are likely due to my refactoring and extension of Err's originals.

  • The db:version command is a direct lift from the comments of Doug Alcorn and ncryptic on a post in Jay Field's blog. Darned handy, that.

  • The Rcov coverage tasks were originally adapted from a post on Labrat's blog but have been so refactored as to be nearly unrecognizable. Again, all bugs are likely mine.


Email me at jim a-t geekdaily d-o-t org with "GenerallyUseful" in the subject line. Priority support given to folks who add the word "ROCKS!" ;]


License Rails' (MIT)
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Owner Jim Meyer
Created 26 October 2007


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