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Category: Internationalization

  • activerecord_i18n_defaults

    ActiveRecord i18n Defaults is a Rails 2.2 plugin that lets you define translations for common attributes used in more that one model.

  • ActsAsTranslatable

    This plugin allows you to make any model transparent translatable. For every translatable model "Thing" he creates corresponding model "TranslationThing"

  • ArabicHelper Plugin

    A plugin to help you localize your Rails app to Arabic, this include few useful helpers and ActiveRecord localization

    Arabic Helper consists of two parts, model extension and views helper methods. Model extension is to help you have Arabic error messages and attributes names in your model. Helper methods are made to support, pluralizing, country names and time distance in Arabic.

  • Brazilian Rails

    Esse projeto tem como objetivo facilitar aos brasileiros o uso do Ruby On Rails. Ele se propõe a traduzir determinadas mensagens que irão para a camada de vista e padronizar alguns usos comuns no Brasil, como formato de data, por exemplo.

  • Click To Globalize

    Translate your views in place, with this Rails Globalize extension.

  • Country Codes

    Search and convert between country names, alpha-2, alpha-3 and numeric representations as in ISO 3166-1.

  • Crowd-translate

    This is an implementation of CrowdTranslation for Rails application

  • Currency Exchange

    ruby on rails plug to convert any currency into another using the daily rates published by the european bank.

  • Custom Resource Name

    The Custom Resource Name Plugin lets you add aliases for your routes. This is very useful if you are developing a software to a country that does not speak English and wants all URLs in the native language.

  • Dutchify

    Make creation of dutch rails applications easier.

  • Error_Messages_Localized_For

    Small modification to rails which alows you localized field- and model-names. The localization plugin is required for this plugin to work.

  • gettext_i18n_rails

    Simple FastGettext/Rails integration that is threadsafe and fast

  • gettext_localize

    Rails plugin to help you localize your rails app using Gettext, it doesn't try to cover localization, internationalization of models. It works with Rails 2.0 and 2.1 and has been tested with the following languages: catalan, spanish, english.


  • Gibberish

    A lightweight localization plugin.

  • gibberish_db

    Extension to the gibberish localization plugin that allows database storage of strings.

  • gibberish_pluralization

    Simple gibberish extension.

  • gibberish_rails

    An extension to Gibberish and Rails to use it to create a multilingual web site using the around filter and Gibberish

  • Gibberish Translate

    An extension to the Gibberish plugin that can extract all Gibberish message lookups from your code, provides a simple web UI for doing translations, and provides a way to manage changed english texts that need re-translation.

  • GibberishTrix

    Localize ActiveRecord error messages without pain (using gibberish:

  • Globalite

    Globalite is meant to be a breed of the best internationalization /localization plugins available for Rails.