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Category: View Extensions

  • XHTML Content Type

    xhtml_content_type allows you to set the default MIME type for rendered .rhtml views to application/xhtml+xml if the client supports it, and only falling back to text/html for older clients.

  • Yacaph

    Yacaph (pronouced Yakaf) is "Yet Another CAPtcha Helper" for Rails. The difference with this one is that it doesn't need to generate images on the fly nor use any session data: it's completely stateless. Furthermore, the images (generated off-line) blend nicely even with changing background colors.

  • Yahoo Grids Helper

    A view helper plugin for Yahoo Grids (

  • YM4R/GM

    Helps the use of Google Maps from Rails applications.

  • YM4R/Mapstraction

    Helps the use of the Mapstraction JS library from Rails applications.

  • YUI Pages

    YUI Pages is a plugin to easily write views and layouts leveraging the YUI Grids CSS system.

  • YUI Rich Text Editor

    Integrate the Yahoo Rich Text Editor ( into a Rails application.