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Category: View Extensions

  • Truncate html

    truncates html so you don't have to

  • Tweet-button

    Generate Tweet Buttons ( in your Rails apps

  • twelve_hour

    Customize time_select method helper to display 12 hour style time.

  • Unobtrusive Javascript Date-Picker

    A helper for creating a date or date-time picker that adds a clickable calendar image that will bring up a calendar picker if javascript is available.

  • Unobtrusive Javascript for Rails

    The Unobtrusive Javascript plugin for Rails allows you to attach Javascript behaviour and events to your page elements using pure Ruby, from within your controller or view, without clogging up your rendered HTML with Javascript - either inline or in the head of your document.

  • Unstatic

    Allows you to define dynamically-editable content areas in your existing templates through a simple helper method.

  • Upload progress

    The upload progress plugin will alter your rails CGI handling to track the uploaded status of multipart/form encoded posts. The plugin will also add helper methods to create an AJAX updating progress bar.

  • Url for domain

    Allows for specifying a subdomain to url_for.

  • Useless Ajax Mux-Demux

    Allows you to multiplex a bunch of ajax requests into a single one to the server. These requests will be disptached on the server and the results collected as a single JSON string. This makes it very easy to update multiple sections of a page using a single ajax call.

  • Validatious on rails

    Rails plugin that maps model validations to class names on form elements to integrate with Validatious

  • Verbal

    Enables converting numbers, currencies to American English and Polish

  • Versioned templates

    Rails plugin that enables declarative control over template rendering

  • Viewtastic

    Presenter plugin for Ruby on Rails

  • Visual partial

    This plugin provides a way that you can see all the partial pages rendered. So it can prevent you from using partial page too much, which hurts the performance.

  • wee_lightbox

    Wee plugin for integrating lightboxes in your rails app.

  • WhiteList

    This White Listing helper will html encode all tags and strip all attributes that aren't specifically allowed.

  • Widgets

    These babies are a cross between helpers and partials. The idea is that they can encapsulate a piece of UI logic and template, sort of similar to the idea of components, only so much more lightweight.

  • Will Paginate Liquidized

    This plugin allows to use will_paginate with Liquid templates.

  • Window Helper

    Opens a modal dialog containing the specified content.

  • Word Breaker

    These are set of helpers to enable you to solve a unique wordwrap problem using the non XHTML compatible wbr tags gmail style.