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Category: Model

  • ActsAsNetwork

    Rails plugin for cleanly modeling network relationships (social networks) and unions using ActiveRecord

  • acts_as_nice_url

    A Ruby on Rails plugin to generate pretty URLs from models data

  • Acts As Noteable

    Add notes to multiple AR models

  • Acts As Notifiable

    Acts As Notifiable enables your Rails app to send notification to Jabber client.

  • Acts as NullObject

    Null Object pattern implementation as Rails plugin

  • ActsAsOptions

    This plugin make model acts like select options

  • Acts as ordered

    Allows you to access the adjacent models in a given order. Adds next and previous accessors to model instances.

  • acts_as_ordered_tree

    Adds list capability to the standard acts_as_tree, as well as various movements within the tree.

  • Acts as param

    acts as param

  • Acts As Paranoid

    Make your Active Records "paranoid." Deleting them does not delete the row, but set a deleted_at field. Find is overloaded to skip deleted records.

  • Acts as permalinkable

    A ruby on rails ActiveRecord plugin for using search engine (SEO) friendly permalink style URLs

  • Acts as Permissible

    This plugin enables any activerecord model to have permissions. It provides a set of methods for querying the model’s permissions. In addition, the plugin can generate roles support, which turns it into a full RBAC (Role Based Access Control) solution.

  • Acts as Phoneable

    Allows for phone numbers to be added to multiple and different models.

  • Acts as Popular

    Acts As Popular makes models know about popularity and the way it is updated between their records.

  • Acts as priceable

    Associate prices to any model, includes multiple currency support.

  • ActsAsProxy

    Proxies attributes from associated records.

  • acts_as_publishable

    Acts As Publishable adds live and draft and then some functionality to your Active Record descendants.

  • Acts as publishable

    Publishing frame work for rails applications

  • acts_as_random_id

    Rails plugin for generating random id

  • acts_as_ratable

    An ActiveRecord mixin that provides rating capabilities to a given model. Useful for community-driven applications.