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Category: Misc. Enhancements

  • BackgrounDRb

    A drb server for running background tasks from your rails app with hooks for progress bars and also in memory caching system.

  • backup_fu

    backup_fu Makes Offsite Backups of your MySQL database + static files to Amazon S3 Redonkulously Easy

  • backup_manager

    Adds support for advanced backup from and to Radiant databases.

  • BehaveJS

  • Better Output Compression

    Provide a filter to perform gzip and deflate compression of action output. Handles proxy caching and component rendering correctly.

  • Bj

    Backgroundjob (Bj) is a brain dead simple zero admin background priority queue for Rails. Bj is robust, platform independent (including windows), and supports internal or external manangement of the background runner process.

  • Browser Detect

    A simple helper to get at the user's browser.

  • BrowserWar

    BrowserWar will help you to fight off evil browsers that access your website. It allows you to display custom messages to any browser/version combinations you want.

  • busy_ajax

    Simple ajax spinner that follows the mouse when ajax calls are being made by the browser in the background.

  • Cacheable Flash

    This plugin enables greater levels of page caching by rendering flash messages from a cookie using JavaScript, instead of in your Rails view template. Flash contents are converted to JSON and placed in
    a cookie by an after_filter in a controller.

  • caches.rb

    Method caching

  • can_has_chat

    can has chat is a plugin for Ruby on Rails that allows you to easily plugin messaging functionality to your app using XMPP4R.

  • Capistrano Bells

    A collection of Capistrano 2 recipes that add a bevy of useful tasks for use in developing and deploying web apps.

  • Capistrano-configuration

    Write application configuration files on deployment with Ruby

  • Capistrano Mailer

    Capistrano Deployment Email Notification

  • clieop

    Library to create CLIEOP03 files, that can be used to communicate batches of wire transfers with banks.

  • Codex

    Codex is a set of modules that lets you get that text out of your code and into shiny clean yml.

  • Comatose

    Comatose is a micro CMS for embedding in Rails applications. It's designed to be lean, mean, easily embedded, and easy to re-skin for existing applications.

  • configuration manager

    Clean up your app's configuration by using a simple YAML file

  • configuration_manager

    Provides a web-based interface for editing the Radiant configuration.