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For a while now, there have been a number of errors pointed out in the Rails inflector. Usually, the suggestion is to fix it in environment.rb or make a plugin. Well, this is that plugin.

Eat that.

You don't have to do anything special to use this plugin. Just install it, and the plugin overrides the built-in Inflector class.


License Rails' (MIT)
Rating (1 vote)
Owner Jeremy McAnally
Created 26 January 2008


  • TJ
    26 January 2008

    Haven't used the plugin yet, but from peeking at the code, it appears the plural of 'test' is 'testes'. Hah!

  • Avatar
    26 January 2008

    Good to see you've covered "pokémon" :)

  • doc pneumo
    28 January 2009

    'status'.singularize => "statu" 'alias'.singularize => "alia"

    fix: inflect.singular(/(alias|status)$/i, '\1')

    Ran into this using the streamlined plugin. It tried to convert 'RoomStatusesController' to 'RoomStatu' and complained that it could not find the appropriate model!

    btw: Thanks Jeremy for actsasgood_speeler

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