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Acts as Configurable

I wanted to add the ability to have config settings for a site. I also needed some settings for a user, and a group, and... you get the picture. I didn't want to keep adding has_something associations (has_one :profile, has_one :set_of_vital_stats) and I didn't want to keep mucking into the model db structure for everything. Well, I figured that everything could have it's own settings. But then, why stop there. Maybe a user should have settings in relation only to a single group and another set for another group, or a post, or whatever.


License Rails' (MIT)
Rating (6 votes)
Owner Jacob Radford
Created 6 September 2006


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    18 September 2007

    Nice plugin but missing 1 piece of documentation for installation:

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    Michael Johnston
    12 December 2007

    Is there a reason why this plugin uses a proxy object & does it's own serialization instead of using a serializes attribute?

    It makes it unusable for anything that doesn't coerce transparently to & from a string (for example, booleans) without calling setting.send(:value).

    for example: obj.setting(:bob) = false

    !obj.setting(:bob) >> false # uh-huh

    obj.setting(:bob).class >> FalseClass #because the ProxySetting fakes out class

    obj.setting(:bob) == false >> false # nice.

    obj.setting(:bob).send(:value) == false >> true

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    Zachary Girouard
    28 January 2008

    The domain for this plugin's svn repository appears to be dead/parked. Has it moved?

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    27 May 2009

    The SVN repo still is down. Seems like a dead project.

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